We have multiple utilities already available to spend your $GANG on

Jaguar Fusing

Create a new Legendary Jaguar NFT by fusing together two Regular Jaguars.

Costs 300 $GANG

Jaguar Breeding

Create a new Legendary Cub NFT by breeding two Legendary Jaguars.

Costs 700 $GANG

ENS Subdomains

You can claim your own apegang.eth subdomain here.

Subdomains, i.e. kolsas.apegang.eth, are fully integrated in Fight Club and show up on the leaderboard. They also function as an easy to remember address to send and receive Ethereum or NFTs.

Costs 150 $GANG

Name and Bio update

Change the name and bio of your Ape here, this on-chain action shows your new Ape's name and bio on all marketplaces and in Fight Club.

Costs 25 $GANG

Fight Club

Gain entry to Fight Club and fight against other community members Apes and Jaguars to climb the weekly leaderboard and win $GANG. Qualifying week is free entry. Regular Fight Club week is paid entry.

Costs 100 $GANG or Free


Potions are in-game consumables which can be bought with $GANGANITE.

Current potions include:

  • Revive potion = 5 $GANGANITE

  • Extra fight potion = 5 $GANGANITE

  • Potential small stat increase = 5 $GANGANITE

  • Potential medium stat increase = 10 $GANGANITE

  • Potential mega stat increase = 20 $GANGANITE

Toucan Burning

Burning a Toucan will increase the $GANG yielding of an Ape Gang NFT by 25%.

So, after burning one Toucan, your Ape will yield 1.25 $GANG per day instead of 1 $GANG per day.

Read how to burn your Toucan.

Toucan Burning is free, just pay gas.

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