$GANG Token

Our on-chain ERC-20 token yielded daily by Apes, and is tradable for Ethereum

$GANG is the ERC-20 token which fuels our ecosystem

All Apes earn 1 $GANG per day

This can be increased to 1.25 $GANG per day if you burn a Toucan.

What can I spend $GANG on?

We have multiple utilities already available for you to spend $GANG on.

You can spend your $GANG on the Ape Gang Website.

Where can I buy & sell $GANG?

You can check the price chart on Dextools here.

You can buy & sell on Sushiswap here.

Where can I check my $GANG balance?

The Ape Gang website has a $GANG token tab which displays your current $GANG balance.

How do I claim the $GANG my Ape has yielded?

Your Ape's yielded $GANG is stored on the website until you interact with the contract. As soon as you interact with the contract all your yielded $GANG will be sent to your wallet.

The easiest way to do this is press the claim $GANG button on the Ape Gang website.

Alternatively, your $GANG will automatically be claimed if you:

  • Buy an Ape

  • Sell an Ape

  • Transfer an Ape

How can I trade my $GANG for $GANGANITE?

Once you are registered for Fight Club on the Ape Gang website a new interface will be available to you. Navigate to the marketplace to buy $GANGANITE.

Do I have to stake my Ape?

No, Ape Gang does not have staking. If you own an Ape you automatically earn $GANG.

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