Ape Gang

Minted June 30th 2021

Ape Gang is a collection of 10,000 NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain in June 2021

All Ape Gang NFTs were algorithmically generated from 156 hand drawn traits using python. The pixel art style uses a 50x50 pixel format, a style which Jokong, the founder and artist, is renowned for.

Ape Gang NFTs passively yield 1 $GANG per day

  • $GANG is our ERC-20 token which fuels the Ape Gang ecosystem.

  • Yield can be increased to 1.25 $GANG per day if you burn a Toucan Gang NFT.

  • There are multiple utilities already available for you to spend $GANG on.

Use your Ape in our P2E game Fight Club

Fight Club is a 1 vs 1 play-to-earn game where you can fight your Ape Gang NFT against other community member's Apes to climb the leaderboard and win $GANG.

All you need is an Ape Gang NFT and a browser to play.

Built-in fighting stats

Every Ape has 4 built-in on-chain stats. Strength, Health, Fail % and Critical %. Together these stats determine overall fighting ability.

All 156 traits influence fighting stats. But which traits are good for fighting?

  • Fur Type is the most influential trait when it comes to fighting. Fur type determines the baseline strength, health, fail % and critical %.

  • Clothing traits add between 6 to 10 strength. Apes with no clothes therefore have considerably lower strength.

  • Hat traits add between 10 to 15 extra health points.

  • Eye traits improve the chance of hitting a critical attack because the Ape has better vision.

  • Mouth traits improve the fail %, making the Ape less likely to miss an attack.

  • Ear traits add 5 health points and improve the fail % and critical % by 1.

Read the full breakdown of stats if you would like to know more about fighting stats.

Fur type passive abilities

Every Ape has a passive ability associated with their fur type

Fur TypePassive Ability


Each turn has a 1/10 chance of not receiving damage from the enemy

Strong Dark Brown

Each turn has a 1/100 chance to kill the enemy in one shot


1/3 chance to multiply strength by 2 for this turn only


1/4 chance to increase the enemy % fail by 45 only for one turn


1/2 chance to gain 40 critical % for this turn only


1/4 chance of stealing 3 strength points from the enemy


1/2 chance of stealing 2 critical % from the enemy


1/6 chance of stealing 3 health points from the enemy


1/2 chance to increase the enemy % fail by 3


1/3 chance to gain 9 strength points

Red Devil

Critical damage multiplied by 2 instead of 1.5


1/2 chance to gain 3 critical %


30% of the damage the enemy inflicts on you is returned to him each turn


1/5 chance to divide the enemy's damage by 2 on the next attack


Once dead, comes back to life with 1 health point

Ape rarity

Some people buy Apes for aesthetics, some for their fighting ability and some for the rarity.

But which Apes are rare? You can search through the whole collection on Rarity.Tools to find a rare Ape that suits you. And if you're lucky maybe even a rare Ape that has been mis-priced.

Ape Gang has 5 special 1/1 Apes, given away as community competition prizes:

  • Emperor Ape

  • Golden Ape

  • Vader Ape

  • SpaceX Ape

  • Skywalker Ape

Ape Gang has 6 main categories of apes, split by trait count (2T = 2 traits)

  • 11 apes are 1T - The rarest type of ape.

  • 367 apes are 2T - Second rarest and super clean looking apes.

  • 1826 apes are 3T - Very clean looking apes.

  • 3206 apes are 4T - A balance of aesthetics and Fight Club strength.

  • 2343 apes are 5T - Very strong in Fight Club.

  • 493 apes are 6T - Third rarest, 6T apes are the strongest in Fight Club.

Full commercial usage rights

Ape Gang provides, and will always provide, full commercial usage rights to the individual who owns an Ape Gang NFT. Only the specific Ape Gang NFT(s) which are owned may be used commercially. Usage includes, but is not limited to, product branding, monetising your personal brand image and both film and music productions. With the exception of using an Ape Gang NFT to promote any form of hate speech or criminal activity.

Contract migration

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