Chapter 10

What we need is weapons!

Chapter 10: What we need is weapons!

You might have realised by now that Ape Lincoln is a brilliant scientist hiding underground in the sewers below Ape City. Here, he conducts secret experiments to make apes stronger and regain control over the city.

Regaining control, however, is only the first phase. After many years of watching Ape City from below, Ape Lincoln is now fanatical that a purge is needed to achieve his vision of a fair-minded Ape City without corruption. A balanced society where apes, jaguars, and toucans share riches found within Ganganite ores and collaboratively maintain technological supremacy to keep humans at bay.

Ape Lincoln is well aware that a single ape can’t move mountains. So, lately he started preparing a short list of worthy apes to join his cause.

One such ape is The Scientist. Having eyes and ears everywhere, Ape Lincoln knew that the Jaguars were planning to recruit The Scientist for a new weapons development program. And they had a squeeze on him.

Fast forward to where we left off in chapter 9 with The Scientist trying to resist the urge of following the pulsating red light into the sewers. This had of course been an effort masterminded by Ape Lincoln to get one on-one-time with The Scientist. And it was clearly working as intended because before long The Scientist started following the mesmerising light leading to Ape Lincolns lab.

And so they met. Ape City’s most brilliant minds. And at some point during their conversation The Scientist exclaimed:


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