Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Great Division of Apes anno 1982

The idea was to require the remaining 10,000 apes in the tribe to be brave and attack the human city, destroying their homes. Many Apes in the tribe spoke of ideas like partnering with the humans, cutting off their food supply, and even killing them. Ape Lincoln, Jo, Ri, and Kong sat down and decided what needed to be done. Clearly outnumbered, we needed to develop a new means of warfare based on tactics including ambush, hit-and-run, and mobility.

Ape Lincoln wanted to go down the route of a partnership with the humans and felt that there was a more diplomatic way to live together. As one of the most intelligent Apes in the jungle, he quickly became one of the prominent leaders, amassing a large following. Some say he was so sophisticated; he could even pass as a human and often practised walking upright amongst his peers, without so much as a second glance from those who knew his reasons. But here is where things start getting complicated.

On a cold November day, Jo confronted Ape Lincoln out of the blue with annoyance in his breath. Jo was also an intelligent ape and didn’t exactly love the idea of cozying up with the humans that were destroying his home. He felt a little payback was in order, so he made plans with a couple of the other Apes to cut off the human’s primary food sources (specifically the farms surrounding the city) and eventually starve them out. This seemed like a brilliant idea and could also benefit the hungry bellies of the Apes that had been hungry for years.

But no one had seen the incandescent rage that had taken over Kong, who, until now, had stayed silent. There’s one thing you need to know about Kong, he’s a mean ape with nothing but vengeance in his heart, but don’t tell him I said that.

His plan was simple: kill every human that refused to leave the city. Simply put, a bloodbath at the hands of the Apes, sparing the ones that we’re smart enough to run and punishing the ones that stood their ground.

Kong felt that the other ideas were too soft for him and that the humans would never learn their lesson. This caused quite an argument between Ape Lincoln, Jo, and Kong, and a scuffle broke out. No one knows exactly what happened next but, in the scuffle, Kong was fatally injured and Jo and Ri decided in an instant to carry on Kong’s legacy by taking his name. Enraged by Kong’s passing, the apes now known as Jokong and Rikong independently ganged up and decided to attack the city with one thing in mind, absolute domination.

Knowing he had no choice, Ape Lincoln tagged along with a hidden agenda to ensure no-one, human nor ape, was harmed…

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