An off-chain coin used for gas-free transactions in Fight Club only

Our solution to avoid gas transactions on Ethereum

Play-to-earn games shouldn't be plagued with small, frequent gas fees. So Ape Gang implemented $GANGANITE to avoid gas fees altogether.

How does it work?

You can swap your on-chain $GANG for off-chain $GANGANITE at a 1:1 ratio from within Fight Club. This allows you to make unlimited $GANGANITE purchases without incurring gas fees. You need to register for Fight Club to access the swapping function on the website.

How can I buy and spend $GANGANITE?

Once you are registered for Fight Club on the Ape Gang website a new interface will be made available to you. Navigate to the marketplace to buy and spend $GANGANITE.

What can I spend $GANGANITE on?

We currently have in-game potions available to buy, which assist your Ape in Fight Club.

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