Chapter 8

Weakness lies in the eyes of the beholder

Chapter 8: Weakness lies in the eyes of the beholder

Bozo here reporting from behind the scenes.

It's been a while since the leader of the Jaguars, J.L. Rover, and his posse of battle hardened Jaguar fighters took over Ape City’s council and the $GANG vault.

Besides randomly picking fights with worthy apes and spending their newfound riches on any performance enhancers they can get their paws on, Jaguars haven’t made much of an impact as the new leaders of Ape City.

It sure feels like the noble premise for their takeover (“apes have lost sight of the values we all used to share back in the good years of Ape City. We’re bringing back the old ways….blah-blah-blah”) was just an excuse to get their paws on our $GANG reserves.

Anyhow, life goes on. And as always apes have adapted fast to the new reality. We still enjoy our morning banana baguettes and croissants at Wake and Bake bakery and we started faking injuries to avoid the endless fighting.

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