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What is Ape Gang?

A pixel art project with 3 NFT collections, a play-to-earn game, an ecosystem powered by $GANG and a dedicated community. With the vision to build a brand for the future.

Founded by Jokong and Rikong on May 4th 2021.

Ape Gang Collections

Jaguar Gang is the first ever NFT collection with both a deflationary & inflationary mechanism.

Play-to-earn Gaming

Apes, Toucans and Jaguars team up to form gangs which compete in our two P2E games:

Community members use their NFTs to fight against one-another in weekly events to climb the leaderboard and win $GANG. And the right to gloat.

$GANG Token

Our ERC-20 token which fuels the ecosystem. Each Ape passively yields 1 $GANG per day. Yield can be increased to 1.25 $GANG per day if you burn a Toucan Gang NFT.

There are multiple utilities already available to spend $GANG on.

The Ape Gang Ecosystem

Apes, Toucans, Jaguars, $GANG and our play-to-earn game fit seamlessly into our ecosystem.

Apes and the players are the centre piece. They compete in Fight Club and yield $GANG which fuels the whole ecosystem.

Toucans can be used two ways; to boost Apes' fighting stats OR to boost Apes' $GANG yielding.

Jaguars have multiple utilities. They add a new dynamic to the world with our innovative genetic-based breeding and fusing. And are able to fight against Apes in Fight Club.

  • Two Regular Jaguars can be fused together to create one new Legendary Jaguar NFT, a process which burns the two original Regular Jaguars (deflationary).

  • Legendary Jaguars bring dynamic and exciting passive abilities into Fight Club as they battle against Apes.

  • Two Legendary Jaguars can also breed a new Jaguar Cub NFT (inflationary). Cubs will provide a soon to be revealed exclusive utility.

Together, our three NFT collections combine to fight against each other in our play-to-earn game Fight Club.

Read more about the ecosystem here.

The Community

The community has always been at the centre of everything Ape Gang does. Following the suggestions and guidance of the holders has nurtured a strong community bond which has kept Ape Gang alive through the bear market where others have died.

Passionate Team

The Ape Gang team is a group of like minded individuals determined to maintain a positive environment.

Friendly Community

Ape Gang's community is friendly and are always willing to help newcomers on their journey. The only requirement for being a part of our community is to be friendly towards others.

Community Events

  • Big weekly poker game against three other NFT communities with NFT prizes.

  • Twitter spaces for project updates, interviews with other projects and community conversations.

  • And of course Fight Club, which entertains us throughout the entire week and provides some great banter in discord.

Ape Academy

A holders only social media growth academy on Discord to help you grow on average 20-50 followers a day.

Ape Academy has guided 12 members to over 5,000 followers already!

Ape Gang Music

The Ape Gang community has made some awesome music tracks which you can listen to on Spotify!

Sales Records

Ape Gang sold out in 19 days. On the day of sell-out, Ape Gang sold 9,800 units and set the record for the highest volume traded in a day, 595 ETH, a record which stood for 9 months throughout the heights of the bull market.

Ape Gang has the 8th highest total sales out of all NFTs, with over 30,000 sales. A stat that means Ape Gang has been bought and sold by a large proportion of the NFT community, giving Ape Gang instant brand recognition within the space.

Full Commercial Usage Rights

Ape Gang provides, and will always provide, full commercial usage rights to the individual who owns an Ape Gang NFT. Only the specific Ape Gang NFT(s) which are owned may be used commercially. Usage includes, but is not limited to, product branding, monetising your personal brand image and both film and music productions. With the exception of using an Ape Gang NFT to promote any form of hate speech or criminal activity.

Our Vision

Build a brand for the future.

Our Values

  1. Support your fellow Apes by sharing knowledge, giving back & making a positive difference‬.

  2. Being open minded & inclusive.

  3. Standing out from the crowd‬.

  4. Build and having fun doing so‬.

  5. Being a trusted partner‬.

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