Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The Takeover anno 1982

All with numerous apes by their sides, Jokong, Rikong, and Ape Lincoln poured into the city. Ape Lincoln tapped into the human communication channels and started spreading propaganda warning of the attack and urging the humans to surrender peacefully or flee. He later settled in one of the more civilized districts taking it as his own with the humans, overall, accepting their new cohabitants.

Rikong took control of the farms, holding parts of the city under siege, and Jokong went straight for the $GANG treasury. Meanwhile, Kong’s crew — in an act of confusion without the guidance of their leader — tore through the upper districts only to find a ghost town abandoned by humans who had chosen to heed Ape Lincoln’s advice.

After very little resistance and no bloodshed, the humans eventually relinquished control of the city to the apes. But there was a new problem arising. New gangs were forming across the city, all with opposing leaders — not just Ape Lincoln, Jokong, and Rikong but apes from across the world coming to stake their claim to the abandoned utopia now named Ape City.

Kong’s old gang, now led by Don V, are the brutes of the city, forming the Ape Mafia gang that terrorizes neighbors and strikes fear into anyone who even thinks about attacking them. Then there is BGB; he and his stylish buddies control the entertainment districts, so they have a lot of power over the other gangs and became nicknamed the Sessy gang for apparent reasons.

And what about Ape Lincoln, I hear you ask? Well, he serves as the perfect example of why apes have got to be both strong and smart in this new world. He held his district for a time, protecting the humans residing within, but with resources spread thin and too few apes by his side, an enemy gang from the far side of the city attacked, forcing Lincoln to flee into the sewers. Still, he awaits the moment where he can emerge and take control once more.

But there are more gangs, many more. Ones that use wacky technologies, ones with strange mutations, and some who just like to party.

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