Which Toucan traits are good for fighting?

All 148 Toucan traits and their stats, laid out bare for you to pour over.
Every Toucan has 4 built-in on-chain stats. Health, Strength, Critical % and Fail %. Together these stats determine overall fighting ability. Unlike Apes, Toucans have no passive abilities.
All 148 Toucan traits influence fighting stats. But which traits are good for fighting?
  • Plumage provides a background stat to: health, strength, critical damage and fail.
  • Hats boost health.
  • Beaks boost strength because Toucans use their beaks to inflict damage.
  • Accessories boost health, strength, and critical damage due to their rarity.
  • Clothes boost critical damage.
  • Eyes reduce the chance of failure because of increased vision.
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