Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Gang Wars anno 1993

Over time allegiances were built, and gangs evolved, but too many tried to be victorious and rivalry was getting out of control. Ape City was teeming with sin and apes, like BGB, were amassing fortunes through degenerate secretive activities.

On November 1st 1993, the strongest Gang Leaders decided to convene a Leaders Council and discuss the fate of Ape City. They voted to build a fortified $GANG treasury for gangs wanting to protect their wealth. Knowing that apes will be apes, the Leaders Council developed Gang Wars as a means to distribute scarce resources amongst the strongest gangs. They also decided to start supporting worthy causes to help restore & rebuild environments damaged by the humans.

The winning gangs are granted access to Ape City’s treasury and first pick of trusted jaguar companions. Apes use jaguars to help their next level of evolutionary prowess. Jaguars can be used for fusing and breeding, allowing apes to have strong feline allies in their ongoing battles with the opposing gangs. The exceptionally victorious few will create Legendary Jaguars and breed Legendary Cubs. Thus, expanding the strength of their gang’s arsenal and accumulating more precious resources.

Over time, Gang Wars became somewhat of a regular event in Ape City. Picture a weird kind of Olympics with all-out warfare between rival gangs, fielding battle-ready apes, toucans, and jaguars - collated by capability and traits - and led by intrepid Gang Leaders.

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