What happened to the unmigrated Apes?

You may have noticed that the unmigrated collection is no longer on Opensea. Don't worry!

The unmigrated Ape NFTs still exist, you can see them in your wallet on metamask and also on etherscan under ERC-1155 assets in your wallet.

The reason you can't see them on Opensea is because Opensea themselves deleted the unmigrated collection contract (they can do this because it is an Opensea based contract which they control). This means even though the Ape still exists in your wallet, you can't sell it.

Thankfully Jokong and Rikong have developed a way to save them and we are now able to migrate them into the new collection!

If you own an unmigrated Ape please follow the migration instructions below

  1. Connect your wallet that holds your ape(s).

  2. Make sure you have enough eth to cover gas fees.

  3. Select the apes you wish to migrate and click the migrate button.

    If you get an "Api Rate limits exceeded" error message, please wait a few minutes and try again.

  4. All done, simple as that!

If you don't see your new apes in your wallet after a completed transaction, do not worry Opensea can sometimes be slow on transfers.

This is a timely reminder as to why we migrated in the first place, so that a company like Opensea does not have control over our contract. We are very lucky that Jokong and Rikong were able to develop a way to migrate an NFT which doesn't even have a contract. Not an easy task!

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