Which Ape traits are good for fighting?

All 156 Ape traits and their stats, laid out bare for you to pour over.
Every Ape has 4 built-in on-chain stats. Health, Strength, Critical % and Fail %. Together these stats determine overall fighting ability.
All 156 Ape traits influence fighting stats. But which traits are good for fighting?
  • Fur Type is the most influential trait and determines the baseline strength, health, fail % and critical %.
  • Clothing traits improve strength. Apes with no clothes therefore have considerably lower strength.
  • Hat traits add extra health points.
  • Eye traits improve the chance of hitting a critical attack because the Ape has better vision.
  • Mouth traits improve the fail %, making the Ape less likely to miss an attack.
  • Ear traits add 5 health points and improve the fail % and critical % by 1.
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Fur type passive abilities

Every Ape has a passive ability associated with their fur type, these passives make a big difference in the fights, so make sure to take them into account!
Fur Type
Passive Ability
Each turn has a 1/10 chance of not receiving damage from the enemy
Strong Dark Brown
Each turn has a 1/100 chance to kill the enemy in one shot
1/3 chance to multiply strength by 2 for this turn only
1/4 chance to increase the enemy % fail by 45 only for one turn
1/2 chance to gain 40 critical % for this turn only
1/4 chance of stealing 3 strength points from the enemy
1/2 chance of stealing 2 critical % from the enemy
1/6 chance of stealing 3 health points from the enemy
1/2 chance to increase the enemy % fail by 3
1/3 chance to gain 9 strength points
Red Devil
Critical damage multiplied by 2 instead of 1.5
1/2 chance to gain 3 critical %
30% of the damage the enemy inflicts on you is returned to him each turn
1/5 chance to divide the enemy's damage by 2 on the next attack
Once dead, comes back to life with 1 health point