Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The Future

The year is 2022. Ape City has prospered in times of peace and the streets are overflowing with $GANG. But all is not well. Myself, Bozo, and the now grey-haired leaders Ape Lincoln, Jokong, and Rikong have noticed a shift in human activity surrounding Ape City. They are once again encroaching on the outskirts of our territories.

But Ape City’s biggest threat comes from within. The new generation of apes has grown complacent after years of living in abundance. And their newfound riches are diminishing their allegiance to Ape City. Only a few devoted young bloods remain. The likes of Lulu, Kong Junior, and Brigitte. Across the board, ape values and culture are fading into oblivion.

Hence, the Leaders Council has embarked on a mission to consolidate the support of the remaining active inhabitants of Ape City and circumvent any future conflicts with the humans. We have allocated a huge chunk of our treasury to integrate ape values & culture into the core of Human Society. Future conflict can only be avoided if apes succeed in becoming a valuable part of the everyday life of humans. Be it fashion, music, gaming, and social interaction, humans will crave anything ape. How are we going to achieve this?

Fight Club is the answer

In Fight Club there’s no hiding behind the strength of your gang. This is 1 vs 1 at its best. Squaring off against an opponent, be it human or ape, lays the foundation for mutual respect and acknowledgement of cultural differences.

  • 1st Rule: You do not talk about Fight Club.

  • 2nd Rule: You DO NOT talk about Fight Club, but you should tweet about it.

  • 3rd Rule: If you get REKT don't cry.

  • 4th Rule: Only two apes to a fight.

  • 5th Rule: One fight at a time but 12 per day.

  • 6th Rule: No shirts, no shoes, but tails allowed.

  • 7th Rule: Fights will go on as long as they have to, but each week lasts 5 days.

  • 8th Rule: If this is your first night at Fight Club, you HAVE to fight.

Big changes are coming to Ape City

Overproduction of $GANG could be a thing of the past

Ape City is overflowing with $GANG but with fewer apes around there comes a time when it’s no longer prudent to continue producing $GANG from ganganite. The Leaders Council is closely monitoring the financial state of Ape City and is ready to take action sooner than later.

The times of exuberant building have passed

For many years the Leaders Council adopted a “Build, Build, Build” approach to keep Ape City relevant in an increasingly complex world. Given the current situation, and having already successfully built a strong foundation for future growth, the Leaders Council has wisely chosen to consolidate & prioritize efforts around initiatives that bring the most value to Ape City and its $GANG economy.

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