Jaguar Gang

Minted April 16th 2022

An NFT collection with built-in genetics for breeding and fusing and on-chain stats for fighting

Jaguar Gang is the first ever NFT collection with both a deflationary & inflationary mechanism.

Jaguar Gang is an NFT collection consisting of 3 types of Jaguars which all coexist on the same contract. Each Jaguar was programmatically generated from 150 unique traits using python. All 150 traits were hand drawn by Jokong in his renowned 50x50 pixel style.

Jaguar Gang was a free mint in April 2022 for all participants of Gang Wars season 1.

  • The collection started as 5000 Regular Jaguars.

  • An additional 2500 additional Legendary Jaguars can be fused.

  • Over time a possible 5000 additional Jaguar Cubs can be bred.

  • The maximum possible collection size is 7,500 Jaguars, however it is unlikely this number will be reached if people choose not to fuse Regular Jaguars they want to keep.

Regular Jaguars

  • Given as prizes for participating in Gang Wars.

  • All Regular Jaguars have the same normal fur type. This is how you can tell the difference between a Regular Jaguar and a Legendary Jaguar.

  • All Jaguars started out as a Regular Jaguar, over time the supply of Regular Jaguars decreases as holders burn them during the fusing process.

  • The Regular Jaguar supply is therefore constantly decreasing and becoming more scarce.

Legendary Jaguars

  • Legendary Jaguars have rare furs as compared to the normal fur of a Regular Jaguar, this is how you can visually tell the difference.

  • They have fighting stats which allow them to compete in Fight Club against Apes.

  • Each Legendary Jaguar can only breed 4 times and will need 30 days rest before they can create another Cub, and since only Legendary Jaguars can participate in Fight Club, this maintains their utility even after the breeding limit is reached.

  • The traits of Legendary Jaguars will be inherited through a genetics system from the original Jaguars you decide to fuse, as explained below.

Fusing Guide

  • When you fuse your jaguars you will burn both and create new one.

  • The new Jaguar will have for each trait:

    • 47% chance to keep Jaguar A trait

    • 47% chance to keep Jaguar B trait

    • 6% chance to get a random trait from the fuse

There is a chance to create a special 1 of 1 Legendary Jaguar each time you fuse.

Fuse your Jaguars on the Ape Gang website.

Passive abilities

Legendary Jaguars have special abilities attributed to their fur type. These make a big difference in Fight Club!


Red Dots

Burn! Enemy loses 1.5 strength every turn

Blue Dots

Freeze! Enemy loses 4% crit every turn


Composure! Critical increases +6% every turn


Patient! When their HP is under 60 their attacks will be 60% stronger


Confident! Each turn 5 HP is converted to +3 Strength


Intimidate! Enemy fail increases by 8% each turn


Lucky! 1/4 chance to take half damage


Stoic! Health Regen +10 HP each turn

White Leopard

Cursed! gain 4 strength each turn but also gain 2 fail % each turn


Bleed! enemy bleeds -13 HP each turn


See Red! 1/4 chance to do a 3x critical hit


Backfire! 38% of damage reflected

Black and Gold

Immortal! once dead comes back to life with 50 HP

Exactly how do the passive abilities work?

First it's important to note that each "turn" is actually two attacks, one by the attacker and one by the defender.

Second, when a stat increases or decreases each turn, it accumulates. By the end of a fight a stat can have changed considerably from the beginning.

Red dots - Enemy loses 1.5 strength each turn. After each fighter has made 1 attack, the turn is over. At this point the enemy loses 1.5 strength which makes their attacks weaker the next turn.

Blue dots - Enemy loses 2% crit every turn. If the enemy starts on 20% crit, after one turn they will be on 18%, two turns 16%, three turns 14%, etc.

Giraffe - Critical increases+5% every turn. If your starting crit is 20%, after one turn you will have 25%, two turns 30%, three turns 35%, etc.

Zebra - When your HP is under 60 your strength will be increased by 60%. Once the enemy has reduced your health to below 60, you will start dealing considerably more damage. The 60% increase works on regular attacks and critical attacks.

Tiger - Each turn, 5 HP is converted into +3 strength. Every turn the Tiger will lose 5 of it's own HP, but gain +3 strength. If the Tiger starts with 50 strength, by the end of the fight it could have over 65 strength.

Panther - Enamy fail % increases by 7% each turn. If the enemy starts with 10% fail, after one turn it will have 17%, two turns 25%, three turns 34%, etc.

Rainbow - 1/4 chance to take half damage. There is a 25% chance that you will only receive half of the damage the attacker is supposed to do. This works on regular and critical attacks.

Sphinx - Health regenerates +10 HP each turn. After every turn the Sphinx will gain 10 health.

White Leopard - Gain 4 strength but also gain 1 fail % every turn. The White Leopard gains 4 strength every turn. If it starts with 50 then after 1 turn it will have 54, two turns 58, three turns 62. By the end of the fight it could have over 70 strength. However it also increases the chance of missing. The fail % increases by 1 each turn as well.

Bloodbath - Enemy bleeds -14HP each turn. After every turn the enemy will lose 14 health. With 5 to 7 turns in most fights this can do 98 damage over an entire fight.

Devil - 1/4 chance to do a 3x critical hit. You have a 25% chance to do a 3x attack. If you would have done 50 damage, you will instead do 150 damage.

Zombie - 40% of damage is reflected. When an enemy attacks a Zombie, 40% of the damage is also done to the attacker.

Black and Gold - Once dead comes back to life with 50HP. As soon as it's health reaches zero, the health bar will increase by 50 and the fight continues as normal.

Built-in fighting stats

Every Legendary Jaguar has 4 built-in on-chain stats. Strength, Health, Fail % and Critical %. Together these stats determine overall fighting ability.

All 96 legendary traits influence fighting stats. But which traits are good for fighting?

  • Fur Type is the most influential trait when it comes to fighting. Fur type determines the baseline strength, health, fail % and critical %.

  • Clothing traits add strength. Jaguars with no clothes therefore have considerably lower strength.

  • Hat traits add extra health points.

  • Eye traits improve the chance of hitting a critical attack because the Jaguar has better vision.

  • Mouth traits improve the fail %, making the Jaguar less likely to miss an attack.

Legendary Jaguar Cubs

  • Cubs will later provide additional utility and grant you special rights and benefits, utility not yet disclosed.

  • When you breed your Legendary Jaguars you will create a new Jaguar Cub NFT. The mum and dad will need 30 days rest before they can create another Cub.

  • The furs of Legendary Cubs will be inherited through a genetics system from the Legendary Jaguars you breed as explained below.

Breeding Guide

  • Your new-born cub will have 100% random traits except for the fur.

  • For the fur you have a:

    • 42.5% chance to keep mum fur

    • 42.5% chance to keep dad fur

    • 15% chance to get a new fur, different from both both mum and dad

    Breeding traits have evolved! A brand new range of seasonal traits have been released on 13th November 2022.

There is a chance to create a special 1 of 1 Legendary Jaguar Cub each time you breed.

Breed your Legendary Jaguars on the Ape Gang website.

1 of 1 Jaguars

1/1 special Jaguars were secretly hidden in the code at launch in April 2022, it took 6 months for Jokong and Rikong's easter egg to be found.

Now the secret is out. Every time you fuse or breed there is a small chance you will create a 1/1 special Jaguar. There are a maximum of 4 available, so far only 1 has been found. Fingers crossed for your fuses and cub breeding!

Full commercial usage rights

Ape Gang provides, and will always provide, full commercial usage rights to the individual who owns a Jaguar Gang NFT. Only the specific Jaguar Gang NFT(s) which are owned may be used commercially. Usage includes, but is not limited to, product branding, monetising your personal brand image and both film and music productions. With the exception of using a Jaguar Gang NFT to promote any form of hate speech or criminal activity.

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