Gang Wars

Ape Gang's first play-to-earn game

What is Gang Wars?

Gang Wars is a tournament where gangs of multiple Apes fight against one another to become the ultimate gang and win Jaguar NFTs.

Season 1

  • 3200 participants.
  • Consisted of 64 gangs, with 50 Apes in each gang.
  • 50 v 50 fighting format.
  • Took place between December 2021 and February 2022.
  • 20 days of fighting spread out over 3 months - each day was livestreamed on twitch.
  • Gang Wars manager site allowed management of 'My Apes' and 'My Gangs'.
  • Gang leaders could customize the order that Apes fought in to try gain an advantage.
  • All participants received 1 Jaguar Gang NFT.
  • Gangs that placed highly in the tournament won multiple Jaguar Gang NFTs each.

Season 2

  • Next installment of the Ape Gang game will be a new and improved 1 vs 1 Fight Club game.