Jokong and Rikong

Before Ape Gang, Jokong and Rikong were long-time friends, IT students and coders from Lyon, France. Jokong taught web development and blockchain at university at bachelor's and masters degree level, and also taught a 'building a business online' course in multiple business schools. Rikong managed his own marketing agency from start-up to a successful company. Both were involved in crypto long before Ape Gang, but only in 2021 did they take their first step into the NFT world.

Noticing the growing trend of NFTs in early 2021 and taking advantage of Jokong's love for pixelized art, the co-founders started Ape Gang.

Initially a simple profile-picture project, Ape Gang soon became Jokong and Rikong's passion in life and they developed a vision for much more. Ape Gang scaled up and went from a two-person project to a nine-person team with employees worldwide.

Seeing the frequency of rug-pull projects and the lack of transparency in the NFT space. Jokong decided to reveal his identity to demonstrate his commitment to the future of Ape Gang. He secured a speaker role at Non-fungible conference Lisbon 2022 and filled an auditorium of web3 professionals as he spoke about his journey with Ape Gang.

Whilst at non-fungible conference Lisbon, Ape Gang had a booth in the centre of the event hall for the duration of the weekend which saw thousands of industry professionals get to know Ape Gang at a personal level. Something rare in the NFT space.

Ape Gang celebrated it's 1 year birthday on May 4th 2022. A year which has seen:

  • Toucan Gang NFT free mint

  • Jaguar Gang NFT as P2E prizes

  • Gang Wars P2E game launch with over 3200 participants

  • NYC Times Square billboard ad

  • $GANG token creation

  • Fight Club P2E game launch

  • NFC Lisbon talk

  • And plenty more on our timeline.

With over a year of high quality, consistent developments delivered by Jokong and Rikong you would be hard pressed to find more dedicated founders.

Feel free to say hello to them on Twitter and/ or Discord!


Twitter: JokongNFT

Discord: Jokong#9834


Twitter: RikongNFT

Discord: Rikong#1960

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