Fight Club

Ape Gang's newest play-to-earn game

Fight Club is a 1 vs 1 turn based game where you fight your NFT against other community member's NFTs.

Ape Gang NFTs and Jaguar Gang NFTs are playable characters in Fight Club.

How can I take part in Fight Club?

Currently Fight Club has been paused and is under development while improvements are made.

However, all you need is an Ape Gang or a Legendary Jaguar and an internet browser to play.

Register for Fight Club on the Ape Gang website and a new interface will be made available to you. From there select your Ape or Jaguar and click fight.

Fight Club also works on metamask mobile browser for on-the-go games.

How does the game work?

ELO rating system

ELO is Fight Club's built-in rating system. ELO is most famously used in chess to rank players. In Fight Club our ELO system matchmakes highly ranked players against other highly ranked players. So if you're new to Fight Club you'll be matched against people of a similar skill.

This system makes Fight Club more fair. It's challenging for those at the top of the leaderboard who battle against each other. And it's more laid-back fun for those further down the leaderboard who get matched against weaker opponents.


If your NFT wins a fight, it's health will fully regenerate ready for the next fight.

If it loses a fight, it dies, and will need 6hrs for it's health to recover to fight again.

You can have a maximum of 3 recovering NFTs at once. Meaning that if 3 of your NFTs lose their fights, you won't be able to fight again until one of them has recovered. There is a quick revive potion if you just can't wait!

Every player gets an allowance of 12 fights per day, which resets at 00:00 UTC. Any unused fights will not carry over to the next day.

Unlock more daily fights by owning more apes
  • 1 to 2 apes = 12 fights per day

  • 3 to 4 apes = 13 fights per day

  • 5 to 9 apes = 14 fights per day

  • 10 to 19 apes = 15 fights per day

  • 20 to 49 apes = 16 fights per day

  • > 50 apes = 17 fights per day

Keep in mind, you can do as many or as few fights as you want depending on your game plan. With the cap on the number of recovering NFTs, you can expect about 4 sessions per day if you want to maximise your daily number of fights. This is of course assuming all your NFTs lose their battles. If you are on a winning streak you’ll be able to complete your fights much faster.


Your Ape / Jaguar will automatically be selected to fight for you whenever another player clicks fight, even if you're not online. While your Ape / Jaguar is defending you cannot lose ELO rating, but your opponent can.

Thankfully, Fight Club selects one of your 3 strongest NFTs to fight for you while you're away, making the fight more difficult for your opponent. The game decides your 3 best Apes / Jaguars by ranking them by the number of attacking wins they have. One of your top 3 will be selected to defend for you at random.


Potions are in-game consumables which can be bought with $GANGANITE.

  • Revive potion = 5 $GANGANITE

    Skip the 6hr recovery time and be able to fight with your NFT straight away.

  • Extra fight potion = 5 $GANGANITE

    Want extra fights but don't want to have to buy more Apes? Use this potion.

  • Potential small stat increase = 5 $GANGANITE

    Lasts for 24hrs from moment potion is applied to an ape

    One of your NFTs stats will randomly change between:

    +10 to -5 Health

    +3 to -2 Strength

    +3 to -2 Critical %

    -3 to +2 Fail %

  • Potential medium stat increase = 10 $GANGANITE

    Lasts for 24hrs from moment potion is applied to an ape

    One of your NFTs stats will randomly change between:

    +15 to -10 Health

    +8 to -5 Strength

    +8 to -5 Critical %

    -8 to + 5 Fail %

  • Potential mega stat increase = 20 $GANGANITE

    Lasts for 24hrs from moment potion is applied to an ape

    One of your NFTs stats will randomly change between:

    +30 to -20 Health

    +15 to -10 Strength

    +15 to -10 Critical %

    -15 to +10 Fail %

You can stack multiple 'potential stat increase' potions on an Ape or Jaguar; a small one, medium one and mega one.

Fight Club uses $GANGANITE

$GANGANITE allows you to make small transactions gas-free. Perfect for in-game potions where gas fees would ruin the experience.

You can swap your on-chain $GANG for off-chain $GANGANITE at a 1:1 ratio from within Fight Club. This allows you to make unlimited $GANGANITE purchases without incurring gas fees.

Weekly format

We rotate each week between:

Fight Club Qualifier - Free entry, fun game modes, winning here qualifies you for the main event next week.

Fight Club - 100 $GANG entry for those who don't qualify. Large $GANG prize pool for winners, standard game mode - highest ELO wins.

Fight Club rules

  • 1st Rule: You do not talk about Fight Club.

  • 2nd Rule: You DO NOT talk about Fight Club, but you should tweet about it.

  • 3rd Rule: If you get REKT don't cry.

  • 4th Rule: Only two apes to a fight.

  • 5th Rule: One fight at a time but 12 per day.

  • 6th Rule: No shirts, no shoes, but tails allowed.

  • 7th Rule: Fights will go on as long as they have to, but each week lasts 5 days.

  • 8th Rule: If this is your first night at Fight Club, you HAVE to fight.

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