Notable moments through Ape Gang's history



4th - Creation of Ape Gang.


30th - Apes are minted.


19th - Sold out 9800 items overnight (Opensea record at the time).
24th - 20 ETH donation to Rainforest US Foundation.


9th - All time highest sale. 33.69 ETH Vader Ape was bought.
20th - Deflationary Toucan Gang NFT collection launched as a free mint for Ape holders.
23rd - Times Square NYC Billboard. Over a million people viewed our billboard during the weekend.
31st - Free Halloween themed Ape Gang comic book airdropped via Polygon.


15th - Ape Gang integrated into WorldWideWeb3 metaverse.
20th - Second highest sale. 20 ETH Batape was bought.


10th - Launch of the Ape City custom 3D metaverse created by LeapN.
15th - Migrated to our own ERC-721 contract to ensure the future of Ape Gang.
15th - $GANG token creation. Each migrated Ape now yields 1 $GANG per day.
16th - Sandbox land investment. We bought 2 pieces of land, one premium and one regular land.
18th - Gang Wars Manager went live and Apes started forming their gangs.



8th - Gang Wars Season 1 P2E went live with 3200 participants.


5th - Toucan Gang NFT burning begins. Burn your Toucans to increase $GANG yielding of Apes.


4th - Sponsored the NFC Lisbon event where Jokong had a speaker role to talk about Ape Gang to a hall full of industry professionals.
4th - Founders doxxed.
14th - Metaverse update where all 10,000 unique Ape Gang NFTs are generated on demand as a 3D character for our metaverse.
16th - Jaguar Gang NFT collection launched as free mint for all Gang Wars Season 1 players.
16th - Fuse and breed your Jaguars using $GANG.


18th - ENS subdomains released. Claim your apegang.eth subdomain using $GANG.
25th - Limited edition luxury Ape Gang clothing line designed by Jokong & Rikong is 100% vegan.


4th - 1 vs 1 Fight Club launched. Battle with your Ape Gang NFTs and earn $GANG in weekly leagues.
6th - Ape Gang hosted it's first IRL event at The Parlour Singapore, an NFT bar which has partnered with us.


11th - Fight Club potions, marketplace, inventory and off-chain $GANGANITE released.


3rd - Ape Gang integrated into Ethlas Battle Showdown PVP shooter as a playable NFT.
15th - Legendary Jaguars integrated into Fight Club as playable NFT.
24th - Ape Gang social event at The Parlour Singapore. Sold out all 100 tickets a month before the event.


13th - New Jaguar Cub traits for the winter/ spring season. All previous traits removed and a complete new set of traits implemented.
15th - Ape Gang hosts sold-out official afterparty at Istanbul Blockchain Week.


18th - Ape Academy created. A social media growth guide for holders.
25th - 1/1 Jaguar Cub giveaway for Christmas.



3rd - Ape Gang hosts a social event at The Parlour Singapore.
24th - Ape Gang sponsored a Web3 networking event in Bali.


12th - Ape Gang hosts NFT.NYC afterparty with live DJ and cryptopunk band.